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Sector abcSecurity ServicesTender Value 2.82 Crore
LocationAssam - India Ref.No36780479
Closing Date23 - Dec - 2019
Provision of furniture, bath mat, board notice, bin linen multi purpose (fd-1104), black board with easel (fd-71m), book case library pattern (fd-8), book case (fd-237), chair, chair dining, chair writing, chair easy with detachable cushion (fd-358), chair dining with high back (fd-357), chair wooden bottom without arm (fd-285), charpoy newar with fmn set (fd-245), chair draftsman (fd-204), desk stand lecture (fd-1022), desk with drawer (f-38), dressing chest with mirror (db-3956), form without back (fd-77m), form with back (fd-78m), hot case (small) (fd-363), hat stand with mirror (fd-233), hot case (large) (fd-46m) , meat safe (fd-47m), safe meat & milk (db-4140), peg table (fd-277), rack rifle for 24 rifles (f-10), rack rifle for 32 rifles (f-10), sofa set 5 seater (fd-373), sofa chair single seater with arm (fd-373), sofa chair single seater special (fd-52), stool 3' high (fd-282), stool 3' high (f-6100), stool dressing (fd-252), side board (fd-241), stand wash hand (fd-302), table 900 x 600 x 760mm with drawer (fd-283), table 900 x 600 x 760mm without drawer (fd-284), table 900 x 600 x 760mm (fd-95m), table 900 x 900 x 760mm (fd-291), table centre, 2 tier (fd-274), table centre (fd-1030), table card (fd-352), table dining 06 persons (fd-273), table dining 08 persons (fd-273), table dining old type (fd-273), table 1520 x 860 x 760mm (fd-289), table dressing gents with mirror (fd-230), table dressing ladies (fd-251), table writing (fd-275), table cook house large with marble top (fd-1019), table cook house with torso top (fd-229), table service 6' x 3' (f-37), teapoy verandah (fd-255), teapoy (fd-278), table marble top 1520 x 900 x 760mm (fd-136m) , table bed side (fd-276), table for tv (fd/e6/map/04), work bench 1800 x 900 x 760mm (fd-1022), part - ii (steel furniture), almirah steel large glazed (fd-1031), almirah steel medium glazed (fd-1031), almirah steel large with shelves (fd-67 (m)), almirah steel medium with shelves (fd-67 (m)), almirah steel large 1/2h x 1/2s (fd/06/map/18), bench workshop type 'a' (fd-1042), book case steel large glazed (fd-1028), book shelves open small steel (fd-69 (m)), black board with fibre glass & pointer (fd-1041), bed hard for officers (fd/e6/map/08 (r) ), box kit (db-10388), bucket gi with receptable (fd-1044), chair verandah (fd/e6/map/11), chair cb with arms (fd-75 (m)), chair cb without arms (fd-75 (m)), chair revolving and tilting steel (fd-75 (m)), chair writing (fd/e6/map/13), chair cb special (steel) without arms (fd-120m), couch examination (fd-122m), chair easy (ecf-7), charpoy with hard top (fd/map-ii/1), charpoy gi pipe with nylon newar & fmn (fd-220), cot newar with nylon newar & fmn set (db-3979), charpoy ms square/ rectangular tube for ors (ge/jor/f/01/2011-2012), desk stand lecture (fd-125m), form with back (fd-1027 ), form without back (fd-1027 ), lower bed side (db-4024), locker bed side with mirror (fd-222), locker steel (fd-1029), ladder aluminium (fd-1025), pointer long 1525mm (fd-1041), pointer short 900mm (fd-1041), plate rack steel (fd-48m), rack adjustable 3 tier steel (fd-106m), rack side with trays steel (fd-1023), rack pigeon holes steel (fd-1037), rack stationery steel (fd-81 (m)), rack towel steel (fd-81 (m)), rack side 3 spaces (db-4123), rack side 4 spaces (db-4123), receptable large with bucket (fd-1044), receptable small with bucket (fd-1045), stool adjustable steel (fd-119m), stool (305 x 305 x 510mm) steel (fd-81 (m)), stool steel library (fd-123 (m)), screen movable 3 fold steel (fd-83 (m)), stand wash hand (fd-1046), table 900 x 600 x 760mm with drawer (fd-1008), table 900 x 900 x 760mm (steel) (db-3956), table 900 x 600 x 760mm without drawer (fd-1009), table office clerk steel (fd-1004), table office officers steel (fd-1003), table pantry steel (fd-1020), table bed side steel (fd-133m), table for duplicator steel (fd-1018), table laboratory (fd-1015), table steel 1670 x 750 x 760mm (fd-90m), table ors dining with aluminium top (fd-165m), table cook steel (fd-1019), part - iii (trade pattern), bar stool 3' high with cushion (tp), bath mat pvc (fd/e6/map/14), chair barber with adjustable neck rest (tp), durrie (tp), drugget 3 x 2m (tp), pvc receptable with pvc bucket/lid (fd/e6/map/13), peg set of six (tp) for certain units at likabali military station under cce (army) no 1.
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